Hi there, 
My name is Anton; I am originally from a small town on the seaside in Italy called Montesilvano. I moved to London at the age of  18 to study at university. I am now 35 (it feels weird when I say it out loud, anyway) you do the maths... I have been here almost half of my life. Like all the other 9 million people who live here, I see myself as a real Londoner.

London can be both wonderful and intimidating.
London is an incredible city in which to live and work. 

London is the most tolerant city I can think. All lifestyles, looks, opinions, nationalities are just left to get on with their thing, provided it's not too antisocial! The downside of this tolerance is that we can seem distant, but we're just respecting the next person to a bit of space in an overcrowded city.

London is the most culturally diverse region in the UK, according to the census.  44.9 percent of the people here are white, with a large population of Indian, African, Asian and other nationalities.

Living in such melting pot of cultures provides Londoners with, amongst other things, one delightful advantage: the fantastic variety of food on offer.  This makes trying authentic food from every corner of the globe a natural possible, and the chance to find something more familiar should you get homesick.

London is where you can pick your adventure, and live many different lives, however, one is non-questionable: you'll live on the edge of experience. No matter good or bad, it's all intensified. London steals, and breaks, and overwhelms your heart. 

It's lively and chaotic; a vast mix of culture and almost ten million people, yet it can be a lonely place. London is a deliberate contradiction. Bustling, beautiful and impossibly infectious.

Life is transient here. You're continually welcoming, bonding and letting go. People are coming and going all time.

It's entirely possible to love and hate London with equal intensity. Some days, you're invincible. Because you're here, living your dream. Other days, you want to jump off the edge of the world: frustrated, perplexed. Tomorrow, you'll awake, prepared to continue.

Three months in, you begin to put things in order. One year, you find flow. You're on a first-name basis with people at your favourite coffee spots, and returning from weekend trips you have a definite feeling of 'home.'

Venturing to different cities in Europe is something you start to take for granted. Copenhagen. Helsinki. Lisbon. Sardegna. Istanbul. Dublin, Reykjavik. Paris.... they are all too close to miss.  

I decided to start this website and blog to tell everything that one needs to know about news, events, places, curiosities, and much more. I will include London in the past, present and things happening and projects for the near future. Everything you need and want to know about the capital while celebrating the quirks, eccentricities, hidden and unusual bits that make London the greatest city in the World.

I hope you like it. 


Anton on Westminister Bridge

Anton on Westminister Bridge